#UnterkunftUkraine and why we exist

What began with a quick action at Berlin’s main train station, Unterkunft Ukraine is developing into a decentralized movement of civil and lived solidarity. Our goal is to build a sustainable network of hosts, which provides shelter to people in need.


The war in Ukraine shocked us all. We are unable to stop the violence over there. Hence, we thought: At least we could share our homes with refugees and set up a platform for it. We want to oppose violence and separation by establishing direct connections between people and by promoting solidarity among all people in our region.

#UnterkunftUkraine is an alliance of mission-driven organisations supporting solidarity in civil society.


#UnterkunftUkraine has shown how this willingness to help can be activated and has set itself the task of making it accessible where it is needed. For the first time, free, private shelters can play an important role in managing a large-scale refugee movement. Cooperation with aid organizations and coordination with public agencies is essential.

Our vision: #UnterkunftUkraine should become a sustainable organization with an lasting infrastructure to connect refugees and private hosts in Germany.


Our founders

Lukas Kunert – elinor.network

One of the two initiators of #Unterkunft Ukraine, Lukas, has been running the solidarity platform elinor since 2018. This platform offers group accounts for environmental organizations, school classes, sports clubs and other initiatives of all kinds. Together with GLS Bank, the elinor team was able, for example, to support Fridays for Future by setting up a solidarity fund.

Felix Oldenburg — gut.org

The second initiator Felix is working on social networking at gut.org gAG since 2020. This is a non-profit group of digital social enterprises. Gut.org gAG include Germany’s largest donation platform betterplace.org, betterplace lab, the platform against hate on the Internet DAS NETTZ, and many more.

How we work

Step One

We activate and bundle willingness to help

We bundle civil society’s willingness to help and provide shelter to refugees. We have recognized that this is our strength.

Step Two

We make private accommodation available

We allow our selected partners controlled and secure access to our database. In this way, we ensure that sufficient accommodation is available.

Step Three

We increasingly mediate through our partners

With the help of #UnterkunftUkraine, our partners take over the safe mediation of arrivals on site. We additionally continue to mediate directly through our team.


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