The mediation process step by step

Step 1


You provide us with all the details necessary to find a suitable free temporary accommodation: Who exactly needs accommodation? Where should we search? For what period of time? You need to enter all this into the search form.

Step 2

Contact through our call center

After your successful registration, our call center will contact you via phone to discuss further details. This can sometimes take hours, but also days or weeks. Please update your application regularly so that we are informed.

Step 3


As soon as we have found a suitable offer for your request, we will send your contact details via mail to the host. They will then contact you to discuss the next steps and arrange a first meeting.

>56.000 refugees have successfully received an accommodation offer through us so far.
80% of #UnterkunftUkraine hosts would again open their homes for people in need.
360.000 beds by 160.000 people are currently offered for refugees via #UnterkunftUkraine.

Thanks to all supporters!

FAQ and assistance

We have collected your most frequently asked questions and tried to find answers for you.

Press and media

In this section we provide the latest information to the press.

“We want to counter violence with direct human connections and lived solidarity. That is why we have created this platform.”

Lukas Kunert

For hosts

Here you will find an overview of valuable information for hosts.

For refugees

The digital, state-run help portal Germany4ukraine supports you with tips and assistance.


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