A platform for support in times of crises.

Our Vision

A self-effective, crisis-capable society


We make civic solidarity a sustainable part of the solution of acute and flight-induced human hardship/emergency. We tap the potential of private hospitality and make a resource that can be reactivated out of it.

Shelter for anyone in crisis-related need.

What is UKO about?

Where do we come from?
To provide people with a free, as safe as possible and fast opportunity to find shelter in times of need. The idea of #UnterkunftUkraine was born after the first moments of shock after the outbreak of the Ukraine war on 24.2.2022 with the desire to do more than “just” donate and get information. Within a few days, the idea became a small movement and ultimately an initiative with over 160,000 registered people. People willing to open their doors and provide a total of over 300,000 beds for refugees from Ukraine. #UnterkunftUkraine focuses on activating this civil society’s willingness to help and making it visible and available in a bundled form, in order to be able to support people in need in the best possible way in a decentralized and local manner with the help of partners. Developed out of need, a platform is now successively evolving for direct support, lived solidarity and human connections in the event of a crisis.


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